The Process of Eating Less Processed

Weaning My Family Off of Processed Foods – While Sneaking in Some Hidden Fruits and Veggies

Doomed if We Do. Doomed If We Don’t. Is there anything that isn’t bad for us?

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As I’ve been trying to do a bit better at not feeding my family processed foods, I’ve been doing a lot of reading online to try to find recipes as well as suggestions. The internet or “magic box” is a wonderful thing for research, but you can easily get caught up in too much information. There are tons of blogs, scientific articles and magazine fluff pieces on what is or isn’t healthy, what we should never eat, what we should always eat, etc. And honestly, if you read all of it you can easily be left with the impression that there is nothing you can do. We are indeed screwed. Doomed as it were to live shorter lifespans loaded down with unhealthy foods and drinks.

This is one of the reasons why I decided from the get go that I wasn’t going to be militant with this. Other reasons are that it could easily get ridiculously expensive or take far more time than I have. Also, I’m notoriously good at half assing things. So this whole process of being less processed will truly be aimed at being less processed. We will not be the models of clean living who avoid anything with a trace of badforyouness. But we will be better where I can.

In the meantime, here’s a funny look at how ridiculously hard it would be to actually follow all of the nutrition advice we are constantly bombarded with.


Author: Rebecca Osterman

I'm a stay at home mom and freelance graphic designer.

One thought on “Doomed if We Do. Doomed If We Don’t. Is there anything that isn’t bad for us?

  1. I new to reading your blog, but I love it! I’m also trying to do my best to cut out processed food (well, at least decrease he amount.) It’s really hard, and you hit the nail on the head here – there is so much conflicting information! It’s so hard to know what is healthy. As soon as you think you know, the old internet tells you you’re wrong! Frustrating. Looking forward to reading more about the road to being less processed!

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