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Aren’t those supposed to be round? The Expectation of Perfect Food

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Yesterday I made homemade frozen pizzas (more on this in a few days once we reheat them) and when I showed my husband a photo of my plastic wrapped rustic pizza he joked “Aren’t those supposed to be round?” Which brings up an interesting point with processed v. unprocessed food…

Our diets of highly processed foods have completely changed our expectations of what food should look like. Factory made food is always exactly the same shape, same consistency, same color, etc. It’s designed that way. If my kids do get the rare misshapen chip or cracker they will laugh about it, make sure to show it to whomever is nearby, and if I’m lucky maybe be willing to eat it despite it’s abnormality – usually after a fair amount of coaxing and explaining that it’s fine, just a different shape.

So as we try to eat fewer processed foods, our expectations of what our food should look like are way off. For example, as I continue my quest for a good chicken nugget replacement (we’re now on attempt #4), one of the issues I’m facing other than taste and texture is actually shape and consistency. The kids expect them to all be the same homogeneous little lumps of chicken. Instead they’re all slightly different. I could probably figure out a way to use some sort of mold or cookie cutter to fix this, but honestly I think we need to get used to imperfect food. (Of course, if I keep striking out on the chicken nuggets, I may change my tune…)

What do you think? Do we expect our food to be too consistent?


Author: Rebecca Osterman

I'm a stay at home mom and freelance graphic designer.

One thought on “Aren’t those supposed to be round? The Expectation of Perfect Food

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