The Process of Eating Less Processed

Weaning My Family Off of Processed Foods – While Sneaking in Some Hidden Fruits and Veggies

Did I go too far… My children start to push back on the less processed lifestyle

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When I started the journey to making my family less processed, I made the decision to go ahead and also add in extra nutrition wherever possible. So as I make sauces I add in extra pureed vegetables, most things that might have been fried before are now baked and any baked good is made with whole wheat flour. My thinking was that if I was already getting the kids used to a different taste and texture for their food, I might as well make these switches at the same time.

For the most part, this has been successful. Nobody scoffs at the whole wheat pizza crust. The veggies in the sauces are completely unnoticed. Where it has gone less well is in my attempts at chicken nuggets (still haven’t nailed this one) and the swap to whole wheat hamburger and hotdog buns as well as whole wheat pancakes. Or more accurately, these haven’t gone over well with one of the 3 kids. Just because nothing can be simple there has been pushback on the healthier options from my oldest, who has actually been the best about most of the other switches.

He refuses to eat the whole wheat pancakes, which are totally yummy, even though his younger brothers will eat multiple helpings (I think it’s partly because he doesn’t eat syrup on his pancakes, so maybe the wheat ones are drier for him). He’s also complained about the wheat buns and is very very picky about how crispy the outside of once fried things but now baked things like chicken nuggets and fish sticks are.

When I started this, it was completely with the understanding that I wasn’t going to be too hardcore about it, so I’m going to use that thinking for this problem. I think I’m going to have to step back just a bit on this one. Next attempt at fish sticks or chicken nuggets, I’m going to try flash frying them to get them crispier and I’m going to use a little smaller amount of the whole wheat flour in the pancakes and waffles (maybe 3/4 whole grain 1/4 unbleached white) to get him more gradually used to it.

Hopefully this will help to keep moving forward without my usually on-board buddy staying on-board.

Has anyone else tried making big changes in their family’s diet and gotten pushed back?


Author: Rebecca Osterman

I'm a stay at home mom and freelance graphic designer.

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