The Process of Eating Less Processed

Weaning My Family Off of Processed Foods – While Sneaking in Some Hidden Fruits and Veggies

“Doesn’t that do bad things to the food?” He’s Seven and Gets it.

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For family movie night this past weekend, we watched Planes, the story of a crop duster who competes in a race around the world. As we are watching the plucky crop duster go about his work of spraying crops, my seven year old son does that seven year old thing of asking questions and wants to know what the plane is spraying on the plants. I explained that they’re chemicals to kill weeds and bugs. Without even missing a beat, he says, “But doesn’t that do bad things to the food?”Crop Duster

Turns out that the idea of chemicals on our food being bad is so obvious that even a seven year old gets it without any prodding. I know that scientists will tell you that you can actually ingest a certain amount of these chemicals without causing damage. But on a common sense level, it seems best to avoid eating chemicals that are in fact made to disrupt cellular function of other living things. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to feed my family all organic in order to avoid these chemicals. I do my best, buying organic when I can. And our best is all any of us can really do. In the meantime, I’ll explain to my boys that yes, these chemicals aren’t very good for us, which is why we have to wash their fruits and veggies.


Author: Rebecca Osterman

I'm a stay at home mom and freelance graphic designer.

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