The Process of Eating Less Processed

Weaning My Family Off of Processed Foods – While Sneaking in Some Hidden Fruits and Veggies

On and Off the Wagon – Getting Back to Being Less Processed

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dreamstimefree_165622When I was in junior high, I kept a diary. I found it awhile back (it’s hilarious to reread now BTW). Other than the incredible drama of being a young teenager, one of the funny things I found in the diary was an entry where I hadn’t written for awhile, then when I started up again I apparently felt the need to explain to the diary why I hadn’t written. I had to catch up on everything that happened since the last entry. I think without the catch up, even my junior high self felt like it didn’t read like a complete story.

Now adult me finds myself having not posted to my blog in months. I debated getting right back into it with a post on 5 easy less processed lunches (will do that for the next post, so stay tuned) but then felt that same strong urge to fill in the story. And the story goes pretty much like this. I got lazy.

While my family is still eating fewer processed foods than we used to, and probably than a lot of people do, we’ve been eating more than we should. I’ve tried to at least do “better” processed versions for a lot of things (organic mac and cheese without artificial colors for example). But truth be told, my boys have had too many frozen pizzas and drive thru stops in the last couple months. I could make up all kinds of excuses about how we moved to a new house, I’ve been busy with blah blah blah. But the reality is just that I burnt out. I tried to go too extreme with the less processed and burnt out. But here’s the beauty of hawking a less processed lifestyle versus a completely unprocessed one… It’s okay. I’m going to be better at it, and realize that there will be processed food to some extent in the future. I will probably have those lazy days again (although here’s hoping it’s not lazy months). In the meantime, we’re back on the wagon. So watch out family… there is more experimentation and “weird” food coming your way!


Author: Rebecca Osterman

I'm a stay at home mom and freelance graphic designer.

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